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2009-07-28 14:12:52 by shogero770

Halfway through summer, that Zelda game I ordered off of eBay should come any time now (Hopefully Tommorrow Morning), and I still can't get past Round 7 in Brawl Royale. Damnit!! Been doodlin' on paint, and came up with this picture. I'll submit it to the Art Portal ASAP!!


Omg.... Not as tired since I just ate half a back of chocolate covered sunflower seeds.... But still tired as hell! Omg... I keep yawning and im dozing off while writing this...
Im going to bed at 8 tonight!

Lol. I know... I know... I sohuld have gone to bed at 10 like usual... But I HAD to get this new comic I was writing done, my new 10-Page "Super spectacular" 4 Part Bob Comic. Lol.... Ugh.... Im SOOOO tired.....
Lol.... Find out about Bob by going to this wikipedia page I made..... omic